LILT, a leader in AI-driven enterprise translation and content creation, has been named a winner in the 2023 Global Generative AI Awards, lauded for its groundbreaking application of generative AI in business growth and customer experience enhancement.

The award acknowledges LILT's significant contribution to leveraging generative AI for operational optimization and customer satisfaction across diverse industries. CEO Spence Green attributes this success to the company's accelerated product development and surging customer adoption in 2023.

"Receiving the Global Generative AI Award underscores the transformative impact our solutions have on our enterprise and government clients," said Green.

LILT's pioneering efforts include introducing generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) with contextual learning for enterprise localization. Their vanguard position in deploying AI at an enterprise scale is marked by innovative releases in their Generative AI platform this year:

  • V3 Contextual AI models, enhancing capacity and quality significantly.
  • LILT Create, a tool for multilingual content generation using Generative AI.
  • Model Builder, an LLM hub supporting third-party models like Microsoft Translator and OpenAI GPT 3.5.
  • Multi-functional AI connectors.
  • Advanced enterprise AI controls and robust data security.
  • Self-managed data and linguistic asset tools.
  • Comprehensive workflow design and deployment features.

The Global Generative AI Award, celebrated for recognizing excellence in generative AI applications, evaluates nominees on innovation, impact, scalability, collaboration, and ethical AI usage. LILT's win reflects its commitment to these standards.


LILT stands as a complete Generative AI solution for enterprises, enabling global organizations to scale and optimize their content and communication strategies. With clients like Intel, ASICS, WalkMe, and Canva, LILT's technology is pivotal in delivering multilingual, digital customer experiences at scale. This award not only signifies LILT's leadership in AI innovation but also its role in shaping the future of enterprise content strategy.

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