, an AI startup in the roofing industry, has announced a successful $7.5 million Seed funding round led by Mucker Capital. The Dallas-based company plans to use the funds to expand into Austin, Texas, marking its second market after a harnessing innovations using AI and drone technology.

The funding round, which saw contributions from Soma Capital, HF0, Asymmetric Capital Partners, Alumni Ventures, HustleFund, The Council, GoAhead Ventures, Mirada Capital, and several prominent angel investors.

This investment follows the company's participation in an elite accelerator program for AI product development, affirming its commitment to technological innovation in roofing.

Roofer's unique proposition lies in its use of state-of-the-art AI algorithms and drone technology. The company employs drones to conduct comprehensive roof scans, capturing detailed images that are then analyzed through advanced computer vision.

This AI-driven analysis provides critical insights into roof damage, life expectancy, and necessary maintenance, offering a level of precision and efficiency previously unseen in the industry.

In addition to technological innovation, Roofer sets itself apart by being a vertically integrated company. This strategic move, highlighted by the acquisition of Bearded Brothers Roofing & Restoration, enables Roofer to handle both the assessment and the execution of roofing work.

This approach has proven successful, as evidenced by Bearded Brothers' notable projects like the San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk and extensive work for homeowners in Texas.

Currently,'s focus is on re-roofing residential properties, with a rapidly growing presence in the enterprise sector for servicing multi-family apartments and commercial buildings.

The company's vision extends beyond traditional roofing services, aiming to redefine the industry with a digitally-native, on-demand approach.

Nathan Mathews, a key figure at, commented on company's strengths:

"Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience from early-stage startups to successful exits. This expertise, combined with our cutting-edge technology and efficient processes, positions us to offer unmatched roofing experiences."


The current Seed funding secured by Roofer counts as company's major move towards modernize the roofing industry. Through the power of AI and drone technology, Roofer is set to offer unparalleled roofing services, driving down costs and enhancing the property owner experience across the United States.

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