Messari, a provider of market intelligence for digital assets, has announced a strategic expansion into Europe by setting up a new branch in Dublin.

This move aims to extend Messari's reach, providing European businesses and investors with enhanced tools and support in the digital assets sector.

Ryan Selkis, Founder and CEO of Messari, expressed enthusiasm for the expansion:

“Europe’s dynamic financial landscape and Dublin’s strategic position make it an ideal location for our growth. We’re eager to contribute to the digital asset adoption in Europe.”

The expansion reflects Messari’s commitment to offering advanced market intelligence and data-driven solutions globally.

Also, this step is driven by Europe's influential role in the financial technology sector and its sophisticated regulatory framework.

Following its recent expansion in Asia, Messari's move into Europe reinforces its position as a key player in the digital assets market.

In the United States, Messari has already established a reputation for providing specialized products and services that enhance productivity and decision-making in digital asset investments.

Moreover, Messari offers a variety of products, including Enterprise, Pro, and Protocol Reporting solutions, designed to assist those navigating the evolving digital asset economy.


With its European expansion, Messari is set to strengthen its global presence in the digital asset market intelligence domain. The company is poised to play a pivotal role in supporting the adoption and understanding of digital assets in Europe's evolving financial technology landscape.

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