Casepoint, renowned in the legal discovery technology sector, announces the launch of Casepoint FOIA at Legalweek. This innovative system, designed for federal agencies, streamlines Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by combining workflow tracking, client portals, payment integration, and AI-driven eDiscovery.

Amy Hilbert, Casepoint's Executive Vice President, Government Solutions, highlights the solution's significance, said:

"Casepoint FOIA is a game-changer. It replaces outdated, manual methods with an efficient, AI-enhanced system. This empowers agencies to manage FOIA requests with unprecedented speed and accuracy."

Currently, federal agencies face challenges managing a surge in FOIA requests. Traditional methods and legacy systems fall short, especially when dealing with large and diverse data sets.

These older systems lack the analytics, review, and redaction capabilities crucial for effective information management.

Casepoint FOIA addresses these issues by offering a comprehensive system that enhances the entire FOIA request process. It provides features such as real-time monitoring, a dedicated submission portal, automated updates at each workflow stage, and efficient record organization and review.

Additionally, the system incorporates AI-powered eDiscovery tools for swift response package preparation.

Further demonstrating its commitment to innovative legal technology, Casepoint will showcase its new FOIA management solution and other latest advancements at Legalweek in New York. Attendees are invited to explore Casepoint's secure, cloud-based data discovery platform.


With the introduction of Casepoint FOIA, Casepoint is setting a new standard in FOIA request management. This AI-enhanced solution offers federal agencies a more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly approach to handling FOIA requests, signifying a major leap forward in legal technology.

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