Rider Dome, a Singapore-based innovator in AI-driven motorcycle safety, has successfully secured $2.3 million in seed funding. The investment is set to fuel the company's mission to revolutionize safety for motorcycle fleets and individual riders alike.

Yoav Elgrichi, Kineret Karin, and Guy Ron, Rider Dome is leading the charge in enhancing motorcycle safety through technology.

"This strategic investment not only provides us with the capital to advance but also connects us with seasoned experts in the automotive industry," CEO Yoav Elgrichi stated, stressing the comprehensive support and extensive network their investors bring.

The company addresses an urgent need for enhanced safety solutions among motorcycle fleets, responding to the rising demand for effective measures to reduce accidents and associated costs.

This demand is driven by businesses operating motorcycle fleets and cities aiming to improve road safety for motorcyclists navigating urban environments.

With more cars now featuring Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Rider Dome's AI solution offers a pivotal way to fill the safety technology gap for motorcycles.

Furthermore, the company's commitment to using AI for accident reduction and rider protection is poised to transform the safety landscape for motorcycle fleets.

Rider Dome's technology has already seen adoption by major global clients, including Coca Cola, Singapore Post (SingPost), and The City Council of Barcelona, demonstrating its impact across logistics, delivery services, motorcycle rentals, ride-sharing, and emergency services.


The seed funding round marks a significant milestone for Rider Dome in its quest to make motorcycle riding safer with AI technology.

As the company continues to grow and serve more fleets worldwide, its innovative solutions are set to make a substantial difference in the safety and efficiency of motorcycle transportation.

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