The National University of Singapore's School of Computing (NUS Computing) announces the launch of AiSee, an innovative wearable device designed to assist visually impaired individuals in 'seeing' objects through artificial intelligence (AI).

AiSee opens up new possibilities for the visually impaired by making everyday tasks like grocery shopping more accessible and manageable.

Notably, Associate Professor Suranga Nanayakkara, who leads Project AiSee at NUS Computing, shared insights on the design philosophy behind the innovative device.

"We aimed for AiSee to enable users to interact with their environment in a more natural and empowering way. Opting for a discreet bone conduction headphone instead of glasses, we address the concerns of stigmatization and enhance user comfort," he explained.

This approach highlights the project's dedication to user-centered design and the application of AI for tangible, daily advantages.

AiSee functions through a three-part system: a micro-camera vision engine, an AI-powered image processing unit for object identification, and a bone conduction sound system for clear, inclusive communication.

This setup allows users to capture images of objects, which AiSee then identifies using advanced AI algorithms. The device supports interactive Q&A sessions, offering detailed information about objects through voice commands.

Unlike many assistive devices requiring smartphone connections, AiSee operates independently, ensuring users can navigate their environment without additional equipment.

This approach emphasizes the project's focus on designing with the user in mind, using AI to bring real-world improvements to daily life.


AiSee by NUS Computing is set to revolutionize how visually impaired people interact with their surroundings, making daily tasks more manageable and fostering independence.

With continuous improvements and user testing, conducted in partnership with SG Enable and supported by B.P. De Silva Holdings, AiSee is progressing towards becoming a cost-effective, widely available tool that connects technology with inclusivity.

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