Darrow, an AI-driven legal technology, today revealed PlaintiffLink, a novel platform aimed at transforming how law firms connect with potential plaintiffs.

Based in New York City and Tel Aviv, this launch counts as major advancement in legal tech, promising to streamline the attorney-client engagement process.

Evyatar Ben Artzi, Darrow's Co-Founder and CEO, highlighted the industry's long-standing challenge of linking law firms' expertise with individuals requiring legal representation.

"PlaintiffLink is our answer to this dilemma, crafted to help law firms efficiently find and connect with suitable plaintiffs for their cases," Ben Artzi explained.

This platform stands out by enabling lawyers to focus more on their principal goal: achieving justice for those they represent.

Until now, the procedure for law firms to identify class representative plaintiffs was cumbersome, often detracting from critical aspects of legal strategy and case preparation.

Notably, Darrow's PlaintiffLink simplifies the process of connecting law firms with plaintiffs through AI. After a successful beta test with elite firms, it is now available to all plaintiff law firms, enhancing their case initiation processes.

Gila Hayat, Co-Founder and CTO of Darrow, shared insights on the company's goals.

"We aim to use technology to reveal legal violations and help victims tell their stories," said Hayat.

This goal is a key part of PlaintiffLink's development, reflecting Darrow's dedication to improving legal outcomes and aiding victims in achieving quick resolutions.


Since its inception in 2020, Darrow has been at the forefront of leveraging AI and human intelligence to aid law firms in identifying class and mass action lawsuits, improving case outcomes.

Working with leading law firms across the U.S., Darrow has contributed to active litigation valued at over $10 billion in various legal areas, including privacy, consumer protection, and antitrust.

Finally, with the launch of PlaintiffLink, Darrow continues to innovate within the LegalTech space, reaffirming its dedication to justice and law firm growth through cutting-edge technology.

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