HiddenLayer, a company specializing in the security of artificial intelligence (AI) models and assets, has announced the appointment of Chloe Messdaghi as its new Head of Threat Intelligence.

Messdaghi brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the role, enhancing HiddenLayer's position in the AI security sector.

Her appointment marks a significant step for HiddenLayer in strengthening its commitment to AI security research and community engagement.

Messdaghi's role is centered on advancing security research in AI. She will bridge the gap between ML developers, security researchers, data scientists, and CISO communities.

Additionally, her efforts will be directed towards promoting the Security for AI category through various educational initiatives.

With a diverse background that includes political work in the Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and volunteering with the United Nations, Messdaghi offers a distinct approach to AI security.

Her career in security-based roles has been marked by significant achievements and recognition, including awards for Cybersecurity Woman of the Year and Cybersecurity Advocate of the Year.

Chris Sestito, Co-Founder and CEO of HiddenLayer, expressed excitement about Messdaghi’s addition to the team, said:

“Chloe’s expertise in the MLOps community and her ability to drive category growth align perfectly with our mission at HiddenLayer.”

Messdaghi's contributions to the field extend to board memberships and advisory roles, including The Diana Initiative and the Election Security Research Forum.

She is a recognized voice in the industry, with her insights featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and TechRepublic.

"I’m thrilled to join HiddenLayer and make a significant impact in the security for AI category," said Messdaghi. "This role enables me to further AI/ML adoption in a sustainable, proactive manner, engaging with communities throughout the ML Ops Lifecycle."


Chloe Messdaghi's appointment as Head of Threat Intelligence at HiddenLayer represents a strategic enhancement in the company’s efforts to safeguard AI and ML technologies.

Her extensive experience and unique insights are set to play a crucial role in advancing HiddenLayer's mission in the evolving field of AI security.

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