Kalray, known for its expertise in data management technologies, has announced a strategic partnership with Arm, aiming to boost ultra-high performance data processing and AI capabilities.

This collaboration will utilize Kalray’s leading DPU (data processing unit) technology and Arm’s extensive partner ecosystem, targeting a wide range of applications from cloud to edge.

The partnership responds to the growing demand for sophisticated data processing and AI solutions, crucial for modern applications in areas like storage, networking, data center servers, and edge computing.

Kalray and Arm's joint effort will make high-performance solutions more accessible to hardware and software developers worldwide, promising to enhance efficiency and performance while optimizing costs.

Notably, Kalray plans to integrate Arm's Neoverse Coherent Mesh Network interconnect technology into its forthcoming "Dolomites" AI accelerator chiplet.

This innovative approach will connect Kalray’s DPUs with Arm-based chiplets in a single package, enhancing flexibility, performance, power consumption, and cost-efficiency.

The move is set to empower a broad ecosystem of software developers, allowing them to tap into Kalray’s advanced processing capabilities for diverse applications.

Eric Baissus, CEO of Kalray, commented on the partnership's significance:

"We couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate with Arm and bring our unique AI and data processing capabilities to the global Arm ecosystem." This collaboration is seen as a visionary step towards enhancing AI processing accessibility, efficiency, and power across numerous applications.

Furthermore, Dermot O’Driscoll, VP of Product Solutions at Arm, said:

"AI is becoming integral to the entire compute infrastructure, driving an insatiable demand for more data and more computing power.”

He anticipates that Kalray's integration of Arm’s CMN interconnect technology will facilitate new and impactful innovations in the AI era.

The partnership also plans to introduce Arm’s Neoverse Coherent Mesh Network interconnect technology into Kalray’s next-generation "Dolomites" chiplet.

This move aims to foster flexibility, performance, and cost efficiency, offering a robust platform for software developers to innovate across a multitude of applications.


The collaboration between Kalray and Arm marks a pivotal moment in the field of AI and data processing.

By combining Kalray’s advanced DPU technology with Arm's global ecosystem, the partnership is set to drive forward innovation and efficiency, opening up new horizons for application development.

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