Atlas, a Vienna-based pioneer in genAI and 3D asset creation, has received a $4.5M grant from The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

This investment will boost the company's R&D, aiming to transform virtual world and gaming experience creation in partnership with leading game developers and brands.

The grant recognizes Atlas's role in advancing 3D generative AI technologies. Ben James, CEO and Founder of Atlas, commented on the funding, seeing it as an endorsement of the company's leadership and innovation in the field.

"This grant is a testament to the trust and belief in our mission to enhance how virtual worlds are created," said James.

The funding, distributed over three years, aims to support Atlas's ambitious projects and foster strategic partnerships.

With this financial backing, Atlas is set to push the envelope in gaming and virtual experiences.

The company is known for its ability to offer partners the tools to create highly customized virtual environments that can dynamically evolve.

Also, focusing on ethical AI, Atlas commits to maintaining data integrity while exploring new possibilities in 3D generative AI.

Following a successful $6M fundraising round and the establishment of key partnerships with industry leaders, Atlas continues to strengthen its position.

The company's collaborations with AAA studios and immersive design firms underline its growing influence in the creation of next-generation gaming and virtual realities.

Atlas's commitment to developing trustworthy AI aligns with the European Union's standards, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and inclusivity.

This latest grant not only supports Atlas's technological advancements but also reaffirms the company's dedication to ethical AI practices.


The Austrian Research Promotion Agency awards Atlas a $4.5M grant, marking a major advancement in its journey to redefine 3D generative AI and virtual world creation.

With a strong foundation in ethical AI and a commitment to innovation, Atlas is poised to lead the charge in creating immersive, dynamic virtual experiences for gamers and brands worldwide.

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