Iterable, a fast-growing AI-driven customer communication, marks a milestone fiscal year, surpassing $200 million in annual recurring revenue.

Iterable's focus on AI innovation led to the creation of 37 new features, such as AI-Powered Predictive Goals and Copy Assist, making it a standout in marketing automation.

This drive for digital transformation, paired with global expansion and a growing client roster including Fabletics and SeatGeek, fuels the company's success this year.

Its capability to send over 200 billion messages and run nearly 3 million campaigns highlights Iterable's exceptional ability to reach and engage audiences worldwide.

Also, the recent operational expansion into Lisbon and Dublin further positions the company for accelerated growth in Europe, enhancing its global footprint.

Andrew Boni, CEO and co-founder, shares,

"Our vision at Iterable is to redefine customer communication with cutting-edge AI, simplifying complex marketing challenges for brands and consumers alike."

Such vision standout Iterable's role in leading the future of customer engagement with innovative, AI-driven solutions.

Additionally, Murat Bicer from CRV highlights Iterable's innovative culture and its key role in the dynamic CRM market, valued at $18 billion, pushing the company's achievements and its promising future in AI and customer satisfaction.

Following this, a survey by Wakefield Research reveals an increase in AI use among marketers, with Iterable leading the way in offering the tools and assurance needed for effective AI utilization.

By emphasizing clarity and insight into AI's workings, Iterable enables marketers to craft customized, meaningful customer interactions.

Continuing, praise from leaders like Steve Mastrocola at SeatGeek and Fahad Zahid from PGA of America reinforces the positive effects of using Iterable. They point out how it has helped their companies stay in tune with customer needs and build lasting relationships.


Iterable's fiscal year ends on a high note, with AI innovation and increased annual revenue showcasing its role in the marketing automation arena.

The company, equipped with advanced AI features and a worldwide customer network, looks towards further expansion and new developments in customer communication and engagement.

Looking ahead, Iterable plans to leverage its AI technology and strategic global expansion to maintain its position in the marketing technology landscape.

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