Iterable, renowned in the realm of AI-powered customer communication, has announced the release of its Iterable Ingest Toolkit. This cutting-edge addition, part of Iterable's 2024 Winter Product Release, is designed to transform how marketers integrate and manage customer data.

The Toolkit, featuring Smart Ingest and Data Schema Management, simplifies the process of integrating customer data from various cloud platforms into Iterable's system.

This development is particularly geared towards enabling marketers to utilize their data more effectively without extensive technical resources.

Smart Ingest, co-created with Hightouch, offers a marketer-friendly interface for seamless data importation. It enhances Iterable's capacity for audience targeting and streamlines communication strategies across different channels.

Andrew Boni, CEO of Iterable, highlights the tool's significance:

“In our latest release, we're bringing advanced capabilities to marketers now, empowering them to take control of their data. Our innovative features propel our industry forward, democratize data activation, and accelerate the evolution of customer engagement in the process.”

Data Schema Management is another key component of the Toolkit, offering an intuitive interface for marketers to manage their data structures, thus ensuring data integrity and facilitating efficient customer messaging.

Additionally, complementing the Snowflake integration, Iterable’s AI-Powered User Insights equip marketers with advanced analytics tools for effective customer engagement and conversion rate optimization.

David Wells from Snowflake acknowledges the integration's role in enhancing marketing efficiency, said:

"More and more marketers are migrating their marketing data to the cloud and want to activate that data across channels to drive outcomes, as well as analyze the performance of those activations,”


The latest Winter Product Release from Iterable, introducing the AI-Enabled Iterable Ingest Toolkit, signifies a notable advancement in the field of marketing technology.

Also, this update equips marketers with powerful data management tools, opening new doors for AI-driven customer engagement. With this, Iterable is transforming the marketing landscape, enabling a more intuitive and impactful use of customer data.

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