Voiceitt, based in Israel and a speech recognition for non-standard speech, announces its partnership with Virtualahan, a Philippine organization known for equipping people with disabilities for the workforce.

This collaboration aims to harness AI-driven technologies to empower individuals with disabilities, facilitating their participation in the remote workplace.

Voiceitt and Virtualahan unite with a shared vision to transform the lives of people with disabilities by offering them the necessary tools and opportunities for success in both personal and professional spheres.

By integrating Voiceitt's innovative speech recognition technology, this partnership directly tackles the high unemployment rates among people with disabilities, opening up new avenues for meaningful employment.

Notably, Voiceitt's application is innovative development for individuals with speech impairments, enabling effective communication in both physical and remote work settings.

The technology also integrates seamlessly with third-party applications, such as AI productivity tools, enhancing workplace inclusion and autonomy for its users.

Globally, an estimated 80% of people with disabilities face unemployment, a statistic that Voiceitt and Virtualahan are determined to change.

By fostering inclusive work environments, they aim to showcase the valuable contributions that individuals with disabilities can make to the workforce.

Alyson Pace, CEO of Voiceitt, commented on the impact of their technology on workplace inclusion, stating,

"Our technology is designed to expand employment opportunities and enhance productivity in the workplace. We're honored to work alongside Virtualahan, combining our technological solutions with their expertise in training and employment support, breaking down barriers for people with disabilities."

Ryan Gersava, founder of Virtualahan, highlights the importance of their partnership with Voiceitt,

"By joining forces with Voiceitt, we're not just offering skills training but also access to technology that opens up previously inaccessible job opportunities for those we serve."


The partnership between Voiceitt and Virtualahan paves the way for more accessible work environments.

By utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies, this collaboration improves communication for individuals with disabilities and broadens access to employment opportunities, moving toward a more inclusive and efficient remote work landscape.

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