The DFINITY Foundation announces Olympus, the first decentralized, on-chain global acceleration platform for web3, set to transform how startups worldwide develop and launch on the Internet Computer Blockchain.

Olympus, an on-chain global accelerator designed to nurture web3 technology across various ecosystems. Initially funded by a $15M grant from DFINITY and the ICP Asia Alliance, it aims to become a pivotal force in the web3 domain.

"With Olympus, we're breaking new ground in how accelerator programs support innovation, providing a permissionless and integrated ecosystem for startups," remarked Dominic Williams, DFINITY's Founder.

Olympus stands out by transitioning to a DAO by the end of 2024, ensuring its sustainability through a native token event and community fundraising.

This innovative funding model aligns stakeholder interests with the platform's success, a departure from traditional accelerator models.

The platform promises a new era for web3 product launches, offering startups access to a vast array of resources, including grants, crowdfunding, and VC investments, all consolidated on a single, transparent platform.

Such ecosystem not only accelerates project development but also fosters a vibrant community of projects, investors, and mentors from over 40 countries.

Williams further added,

"Olympus embodies our vision for a decentralized, innovative, and entrepreneurial future. It's a global platform that democratizes access to resources, ensuring that the most promising projects receive the support they need."

Moreover, Olympus's open stake model allows for free interaction among projects, mentors, and investors, promoting an inclusive, permissionless ecosystem.

Its multi-chain infrastructure and on-chain verification mechanisms provide a robust foundation for project growth and investor trust.

Notably, the strategic partnerships, especially with Web3Labs, are set to drive blockchain innovation in Asia, making Olympus ready to welcome its first group of web3 startups. This move highlights DFINITY's dedication to using the Internet Computer Protocol to expand blockchain use and innovation.


Finally, DFINITY Foundation has kicked off Olympus, setting the stage for a new era in web3 innovation. This platform guides web3 projects from start to finish, making sure the best ideas get the spotlight they deserve.

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