Today, Bite, startup leading in intelligent kiosk solutions for the restaurant industry, announces a $9 million Series A investment, led by Staley Capital.

The recent funding aim to accelerate Bite's initiative to improve the dining experience through convenient, AI-powered ordering systems.

Bite also offering a lifeline to fast-casual and quick-service restraunts amidst unprecedented labor shortages and rising operational costs.

The company's product is an industry-leading kiosk software, which now aiming to boost digital orders across 1,100 locations, leveraging AI to enhance labor efficiency and personalization.

Moreover, Bite’s platform is known for its adaptability, seamless integration, and ability to elevate overall customer satisfaction and throughput.

"Bite's solution comes at a critical time for the restaurant sector, grappling with profitability challenges amidst a tough labor market," explained Brandon Barton, CEO of Bite. "Our technology not only streamlines operations but also enriches the customer ordering experience with personalized AI suggestions, significantly lifting average order values."

The Series A funding shows investors confidence in Bite's unique proposition and its potential to redefine the restaurant landscape.

With plans to expand its reach to enterprise brands and innovative convenience stores, Bite is aimed for rapid growth.

As per the recent press announcement, the funds will also support technological advancements, including the further development of Bite Lift, its patented AI system that offers real-time, tailored upsell recommendations.

Renny Smith, Managing Partner at Staley Capital, commented on the platform's transformative move,

"Bite exemplifies the 'better, faster, cheaper' ethos we seek in B2B technology investments, allowing restaurants to efficiently serve their guests with personalized engagement."

Joe Unger of Gosh Enterprises further adds,

"Bite not only optimizes the ordering process but also empowers our staff to focus on delivering exceptional food and service. Bite Lift’s personalized recommendations have been pivotal in elevating our guest experience, marking a significant evolution in how we serve our customers."


With its latest funding, Bite is envisioning to reshape the restaurant world with its AI-driven kiosks. These systems offer tailored, fast service and bigger sales, tackling labor shortages and high costs.

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