Cyberhaven launches Linea AI, an innovative AI platform to tackle critical insider risks threatening corporate data.

This advances system delivers insights comparable to those of leading security analysts, meticulously analyzing billions of workflows to pinpoint and safeguard sensitive information with unmatched accuracy.

Howard Ting, CEO of Cyberhaven, commented on the platform's unique capabilities:

"Linea AI isn't just another tool; it's a leap forward in data security, harnessing the power of AI to detect, investigate, and prevent data leaks with the wisdom of the top security analysts but at a scale and speed previously unimaginable."

Linea AI distinguishes itself by its ability to grasp the complex interactions within teams and between individuals, surpassing traditional security measures that often falter due to false positives.

It combines continuous, unbiased vigilance with the capacity to process information on a vast scale, offering a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating data risks.

The core of Linea AI's functionality lies in its innovative features, including advanced risk detection that spots insider threats missed by conventional methods, and smart remediation recommendations for swift action.

Additionally, its incident summaries provide clear, straightforward explanations of findings, enabling quick understanding of user intentions and facilitating guided prevention to enhance overall security posture.

A cornerstone of Linea AI's approach is its reliance on Data Lineage for insider risk detection. Unlike previous generations of AI that focused on isolated events, Linea AI analyzes the complete data journey over time, utilizing Cyberhaven's Large Lineage Model (LLiM).

This model, unique to Cyberhaven, allows for precise predictions of likely actions, identifying deviations that signal mishandling of sensitive data.

This innovative technology offers unique advantages over traditional data security tools by protecting data beyond defined DLP policies, detecting risks with greater accuracy.


Cyberhaven's launch of Linea AI refines evolution of data security, offering organizations a powerful new weapon against the threat of data leaks.

By merging AI's analytical prowess with an extensive understanding of data workflows, Linea AI is aims to redefine how companies protect their most sensitive information, ensuring security in an era where traditional defenses no longer suffice.

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