XENON Systems, a high-performance computing and data storage, has expanded its technology arsenal by acquiring Quantum Corporation's Myriad, an all-flash file and object storage platform.

This acquisition aims to supercharge data-intensive applications, from artificial intelligence (AI) models to complex simulations, catering to a diverse range of sectors including life sciences, medical research, and engineering.

Dragan Dimitrovici, CEO of XENON, commented on the new capabilities:

"Myriad's advanced architecture is a game-changer for our life sciences clients, continually running AI models and simulations. Quantum's full spectrum of data lifecycle solutions, from production workloads with Myriad to long-term data storage with ActiveScale, brings unparalleled value to our customer base."

Quantum's Myriad platform stands out for its cutting-edge design that leverages the latest in flash technology to deliver exceptional performance at any scale.

It integrates essential data services like deduplication, compression, and metadata tagging, all optimized for accelerating AI and machine learning data processes.

Additionally, Myriad employs cloud-native technologies such as microservices and Kubernetes, enabling deployment simplicity across environments without the need for specialized hardware.

Nick Elvester, Quantum's general manager of primary storage, highlighted the partnership's strength:

"XENON has been a pivotal partner for Quantum, consistently delivering our high-caliber solutions, including Myriad, to their clientele. Myriad perfectly complements the AI-driven projects in life sciences and medical research that XENON's customers undertake, offering them a seamless, end-to-end data management solution."


With the Myriad acquisition, XENON Systems is set to transform the landscape for clients tackling AI, research, and data-heavy projects.

This move not only equips XENON with Quantum's advanced storage solutions but also ensures their clientele can navigate the complexities of modern computing more efficiently.

Embracing both Myriad and ActiveScale, XENON aims to providing robust, seamless data management that propels critical advancements in numerous sectors.

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