today unveils its Email Automation solution, transforming email customer support by autonomously resolving 80% of inquiries.

The service aims to deliver rapid, accurate responses 24/7 in multiple languages, setting a new standard in AI-driven customer service automation.

In today's world, where many still favor email for customer support, businesses often struggle to manage the flood of email inquiries effectively.'s Email Automation leverages generative AI to understand and respond to complex emails, improving customer service efficiency and experience.

By integrating with's omnichannel platform, it offers a seamless and personalized support journey.

Raghu Ravinutala, CEO & Co-Founder of, commented on the solution,

"Industry surveys indicate that 62% of companies fail to respond to customer service emails. For those that do, response times average around 12 hours. Our Email Automation directly addresses these challenges, ensuring businesses can offer timely, accurate support."

This technology, powered by's proprietary Large Language Model (LLM), YellowG, delivers contextually relevant responses with a hallucination rate below one percent, showcasing the precision of the platform.

Furthermore, the solution's impact extends beyond customer satisfaction to operational efficiencies, boasting up to a 60% reduction in costs by streamlining agent training and onboarding.

With features like automated workflow triggering, agent assist, simplified classification, and seamless CRM integrations,'s Email Automation is set to redefine email support standards.


Since launching in 2016, has led the charge in using generative AI to tackle the complex customer service issues faced by over 1100 enterprises globally.

The debut of its Email Automation tool pushes closer to its goal of fully autonomous customer support, offering businesses a way to slash operational costs while ensuring efficient, tailored customer interactions.

This strategic expansion of's offerings not only enhances its product lineup but also highlights its dedication to innovating within the customer service sector.

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