The Hedera Council has welcomed Hitachi America as its newest member, a move set to bolster industrial Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions. Hitachi brings vast expertise in electronics, healthcare, IT, and IoT to the table.

The integration of Hitachi into the Hedera Council signifies a significant step towards practical DLT applications in various sectors. Hitachi plans to initiate proof-of-concept projects focusing on end-to-end supply chain and sustainability solutions using Hedera's technology within the next year.

The Hedera Council, known for its dedication to network innovation and decentralization, consists of global organizations that collectively guide the development of Hedera's software and services. Each member contributes equally to decision-making processes and operates the network's initial nodes.

Ravigopal Vennelakanti, Vice President of Big Data Analytics Solutions Lab at Hitachi, commented on the partnership:

"Hitachi sees real-world potential in DLT solutions built on Hedera. Its scalable, secure technology aligns with our goals in supply chain resilience, clean energy, and IT/OT industries."

Hitachi's entry into the Council is not just symbolic but brings substantial technical and research capabilities. With a track record of developing advanced blockchain solutions in payment systems and supply chains, Hitachi's expertise in machine learning and generative AI will further diversify the Council's knowledge base.

Bill Miller, co-chair of the Hedera Council's membership committee, emphasized the significance of DLT in current industrial applications:

"With Hitachi's experience in developing cutting-edge technology, we're poised to see Web3 infrastructure evolve into real-world applications on an unprecedented scale."


This collaboration begins a new era where large enterprises like Hitachi leverage Web3 infrastructure for transparent and accountable systems in supply chains and beyond.

The Hedera network, governed by a consortium of industry leaders, stands at the forefront of this technological evolution, driving innovation and digital transformation across industries.

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