Wondershare Filmora has released its latest update, Filmora 13.1.0, infusing advanced AI technology to enhance audio production in video editing.

This new version introduces AI Music Generation and Text-To-Speech enhancements, offering video editors a range of new customization options and quality improvements.

The update transforms Filmora's AI Music Generator, expanding its sound library with commercially available audio and improved customization.

With over 40 new themes, 30 genres, and adjustable tempo and energy settings, the library now boasts over 20,000 music assets. This enhancement makes crafting the perfect soundtrack more accessible and versatile for users.

In addition to music, the Text-To-Speech feature sees significant upgrades with over 30 new natural tones and atmospheric sound adjustments, boosting audio realism.

These improvements, alongside new language options like Croatian, Malay, and Ukrainian, allow creators to produce voiceovers that align seamlessly with their video's environment.

Other notable upgrades in Filmora 13.1.0 include:

  • Cloud support for Custom LUT resources, simplifying access.
  • Enhanced drag-and-drop functionality for cloud media resources.
  • New high-quality special effects: Motion Blur, Lens Zoom, and Magnifying Glass.
  • A 'Beautification' parameter in the properties panel for finer edits.

The recent updates continue Wondershare’s commitment to user-friendly, innovative software design, enhancing Filmora’s suite of production and editing tools.


With the launch of version 13.1.0, Wondershare Filmora strengthens its position in the video editing software market.

The update not only enriches the audio editing experience but also bolsters the overall functionality, cementing Filmora's role as a go-to solution for both amateur and professional video editors.

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