Wondercraft, an emerging leader in AI audio content, has successfully raised $3 million in a Seed funding round to enhance its Audio Studio for Creators platform.

Funding round lead by Will Ventures and supported by Y Combinator, ElevenLabs, Steven Bartlett, and other Angels, with aim to boost the platform's capacity to deliver studio-quality audio productions across multiple languages through AI technology.

Founded by Palantir engineers Dimitris Nikolaou and Youssef Rizk, along with Oskar Serrander, a former executive at Acast, Spotify, and iHeartmedia, Wondercraft merges industry experience with engineering prowess.

The team is dedicated to making audio creation accessible to every creator and brand, driven by a shared passion for audio storytelling and technology.

Wondercraft's platform enables users to transform various content into professional audio experiences. This includes converting blogs into podcasts, articles into audiobooks, and advertising copy into marketing campaigns.

The platform's AI script assistants, professional music, video generation, and ultra-realistic AI voices allow for the creation of high-quality audio content without the need for traditional studio resources.

A standout feature of the platform is its ability to translate and dub projects into over 15 languages. This is achieved through a combination of AI and a team of language experts, ensuring accuracy and quality in every translation.

Co-founder Dimitris Nikolaou highlight Wondercraft's goal to democratize audio creation, said:

"Just as Canva made everyone a designer, we aim to empower everyone to be an audio creator."

Oskar Serrander, another co-founder, adds that Wondercraft is about making professional audio accessible and affordable, expanding content production capabilities for creators and businesses alike.

Since its beta launch in 2023, Wondercraft has attracted over 30,000 creators, writers, and brands. Its technology is already a cornerstone in major podcast productions, including the Diary of A CEO and CoinDesk podcasts network.

Steven Bartlett, host of Diary of A CEO, praises Wondercraft's tools for helping reach global audiences. Jared Schwartz from CoinDesk echoes this sentiment, noting the platform's integration into their workflow for efficient, high-quality audio production.


With its latest funding, Wondercraft is set to further develop its AI-powered audio studio, expanding the possibilities for creators and publishers in audio production.

This investment marks a significant milestone in the company's journey to revolutionize audio content creation, making it more accessible and versatile for a global audience.

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