VRx Health, a medical extended reality, today unveiled Xaia, a revolutionary app that merges spatial computing with artificial intelligence to offer personalized mental health support.

The app gets license exclusively from Cedars-Sinai making a new era in immersive AI therapy, now available on Apple Vision Pro headsets.

Xaia leverages the advanced visionOS to deliver a unique spatial computing experience, visualizing an empathetic, human-scale 3D robot companion accessible anytime.

Users can engage in dynamic therapy sessions, from sharing aspirations on a beach at sunrise to practicing meditation beside a serene meadow.

This innovative approach combines cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and more, addressing a wide range of mental health needs.

The app's introduction on Apple Vision Pro allows users to subscribe and tailor their experience with additional minutes, offering flexibility and personalized care.

Dr. Brennan Spiegel and Dr. Omer Liran, the minds behind VRx Health, aim to bridge the gap in mental health services with Xaia, addressing the critical shortage of psychotherapy resources in the U.S.

Dr. Spiegel, commenting on the current mental health landscape, said:

"With 58 million Americans battling mental illness and a stark shortage of psychotherapists, the launch of Xaia represents a crucial step towards addressing this epidemic. Our goal is to make comprehensive mental health support accessible to those in need, leveraging the latest in AI and spatial computing."


Xaia's debut on Apple Vision Pro signifies innovative move in mental health care, offering a novel, accessible solution to the pervasive challenge of mental illness.

By utilizing the power of AI and extended reality, VRx Health is not only pioneering a new form of therapeutic interaction but also providing hope and support to millions struggling with mental health issues across the United States.

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