Vagaro, a top provider of software for salons, spas, and fitness centers, has launched Vagaro AI, a new tool aiming to transform how business owners interact with clients and manage marketing.

Vagaro AI is designed to help busy professionals quickly create polished communications for services, policies, and marketing.

This tool improves digital client engagement and operational management within the beauty and wellness industry.

Fred Helou, Founder & CEO of Vagaro, stated,

"Vagaro AI is a major step in our commitment to enhancing the digital capabilities of businesses in our industry."

Notably, the platform allows users to effortlessly generate well-crafted service descriptions, clear policies, and effective marketing content.

Users can also tailor their communications with options for tone and length, ensuring messages are both engaging and professional.

By incorporating AI, Vagaro shows its commitment to innovation, providing users with advanced tools to succeed in a competitive market.


Looking ahead, with Vagaro AI now available to all its users, Vagaro is setting new standards for efficiency and effectiveness in client communication and business operations within the beauty and wellness sectors.

This initiative is expected to help professionals enhance client relationships and accelerate growth.

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