Trillo is changing the game in application development with its latest offering, Trillo Workbench, now available on Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

The new platform is set to make building applications, infused with conventional or AI capabilities, more accessible and efficient than ever before, significantly cutting down on development time and costs.

Major feature of Trillo's Workbench is to simplify the complex process of app development in the cloud. It brings an arsenal of built-in services—database access, file management, user authentication, and more—directly to developers' fingertips.

This approach not only enhances productivity but also democratizes access to advanced app development, making it possible for a broader range of creators to bring their ideas to life.

Also, Trillo Workbench incorporates AI functionalities like Trillo File Manager and Trillo Doc AI, adding a layer of cutting-edge technology,

Notably, these new features ensure secure file management and use advanced AI to process different content types, highlighting its focus on practical AI solutions for businesses.

Anil Sharma, Founder and CEO of Trillo, commented on what Trillo Workbench aims to achieve, said:

"We're eliminating the repetitive work that bogs down development, aiming for a world where 70-90% of code is reusable. It's about making efficient, powerful app creation a reality for everyone."

Moreover, Healthcare to finance industries have already validated Trillo Workbench's essence, showcasing its ability to deliver secure, scalable, and robust applications.

It's not just about making development faster; it's about opening up new possibilities for creativity and innovation in application design.

As developers explore Trillo Workbench, they find a platform that supports rapid prototyping and seamless transition to production-quality applications.


Trillo Workbench stands as an innovative leap in cloud application development. It integrates AI tools and simplifies the development process, transforming how applications are built. Overall, The company is reshaping digital innovation, making it more inclusive, efficient, and creatively limitless.

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