The AI industry is at a turning point, much like the early days of website development, where a digital gold rush seems close yet remains elusive for those without coding skills.

Big Brain steps forward with a game-changing announcement: a platform that simplifies AI bot creation, making it accessible to anyone, anytime, without the need for programming expertise.

"Imagine creating an AI bot that interacts with your customers, without writing a single line of code. With Big Brain, that becomes your reality today," shared CEO Nikhil Arun.

This platform not only lowers the entry barrier for AI development but also opens up a world of innovation and monetization opportunities previously reserved for a select few with technical know-how.

Designed to be intuitive, Big Brain caters to the non-coder's needs, offering customizable templates and straightforward tools.

This approach allows users to focus on creativity and strategy rather than the complexities of bot development.

"Our goal is to do for AI bot creation what WordPress did for websites—make it easy, fun, and accessible for everyone," Arun elaborated.

Big Brain is on a mission to democratize AI bot creation, inviting individuals from all backgrounds to explore the potential of AI technology.

Whether you're looking to engage customers, streamline communications, or explore new entrepreneurial avenues, Big Brain provides the tools and platform to bring your ideas to life.


With the launch of its innovative platform, Big Brain is aims to redefine the AI bot creation landscape. By removing technical barriers and fostering a community of creators, Big Brain is not just simplifying AI development; it's amplifying the diversity of voices and ideas shaping the future of technology.

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