In Tokyo, Toshiba TV has launches its new REGZA Engine ZRi, an AI-powered chip designed to optimize television visuals and sound.

This advancement enhances the interaction and customization of viewing experiences, designed to individual preferences and environments.

The REGZA Engine ZRi Chip, a key component in Toshiba’s latest technology push, supports up to 4K resolution with features such as Dolby Vision IQ and HDR 10+ adaptive.

These technologies ensure sharp visuals and vibrant colors, improving content delivery and viewer immersion.

Notably, by integrating machine learning algorithms, the Toshiba's chip adjusts picture and sound settings dynamically, suited to the content and viewing conditions.

"Our commitment to enhancing the audio-visual experience is evident in our continuous innovation," states a Toshiba spokesperson. "The REGZA Engine ZRi allows every viewer to experience customized, high-quality entertainment."

Moreover, adding to the portfolio, the flagship model X9900 includes AI Picture Optimizer and AI 4K Upscaling technologies.

These features set new standards in picture quality by enhancing sharpness and vibrancy.

Additionally, the Eye Comfort technology adjusts screen brightness and reduces glare, adapting to the surrounding environment to ensure a comfortable viewing experience.


In summary, for over seven decades, Toshiba TV is leading television production and innovation. Now hopping on the AI race and by integrating cutting-edge AI technology with its long-standing commitment to quality, Toshiba continues to innovate, ensuring superior image and sound quality that meet the demands of modern consumers.

This commitment also shows Toshiba TV's dedication to advancing entertainment technology while maintaining attention to detail and product quality.

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