PeerDB, a pioneer in data movement for PostgreSQL, today announces a $3.6 million seed funding round, backed by 8VC, Y Combinator, and other notable investors.

This investment propels PeerDB’s mission to innovate PostgreSQL data movement, aiming to refine engineering, market reach, and customer acquisition strategies.

Initially, facing traditional ETL tools' limitations with PostgreSQL, PeerDB leverages AI to automate and enhance the patent process, focusing on scalability and reliability.

“Postgres is the world's database. Existing tools falter at scale, lacking speed and reliability. It's time for dedicated care for Postgres,” shared PeerDB CEO Sai Krishna Srirampur.

Notably, PeerDB's approach tackles Postgres data movement challenges head-on, according to CTO Kaushik Iska.

“We’re redefining data movement for Postgres at terabyte scale, diverging from traditional ETL tools that struggle with efficiency,” he stated.

The company’s technology promises a tenfold increase in data movement speed and significant cost reductions, addressing common issues like slow syncs and data precision loss.

Bhaskar Ghosh of 8VC voiced support for PeerDB, noting the growing importance of PostgreSQL and PeerDB’s unique position to address current ETL tool gaps.

This funding round shows PeerDB’s potential to reshape the data movement landscape, especially for PostgreSQL, which continues to gain popularity and was awarded the DBMS of the Year 2023 by DB-Engines.

Moreover, PeerDB's solution is already making an impact, with customers like Harmonic AI and Expedock achieving substantial cost savings and efficiency gains.

“PeerDB’s PostgreSQL to ClickHouse ETL is insanely fast and accurate! The team has been incredibly supportive,” exclaimed Neel Mehta, CTO of Fiber AI.


In summary, PeerDB's seed funding makes a crucial move in revolutionizing PostgreSQL data movement. With aim to address the limitations of current ETL tools and focusing on PostgreSQL’s unique needs, PeerDB is poised to support the database’s growing role in the tech ecosystem, enhancing data movement efficiency and scalability for businesses worldwide.

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