Stratio BD, a leader in generative AI and data analytics, announces a milestone achievement: generative AI tools have reached a 99% accuracy rate when used alongside its Business Semantic Data Layer, marking a significant advancement in enterprise decision-making processes.

The landmark test conducted by Stratio BD replicated a benchmark set by, revealing that the accuracy of ChatGPT-4, a sophisticated generative AI model, increases dramatically when integrated with Stratio's Business Semantic Data Layer. This layer enhances data interpretation by connecting large datasets with business semantics through semantic ontologies and a knowledge graph.

In a comparative analysis, ChatGPT-4 initially achieved only a 17% accuracy rate in responding to insurance-related business queries without Stratio's solution. This accuracy improved to 69% when a third-party knowledge graph was utilized. However, with Stratio BD's Business Semantic Data Layer, ChatGPT-4's accuracy skyrocketed to an impressive 99%.

Óscar Méndez, CEO and Co-Founder of Stratio BD, emphasized the transformative potential of this development:

"With such high accuracy, business leaders can confidently rely on generative AI tools for critical data analysis, limited only by their imagination."

Stratio's test signifies a leap forward in making complex data queries accessible to employees of varying technical backgrounds. This breakthrough ensures that accurate, AI-driven insights are readily available, fostering informed decision-making across enterprises.

Román Martín, Chief Technology Officer at Stratio BD, is scheduled to host a webinar on January 25 at 12:00 CET to further discuss these findings and their implications for the future of business analytics.


Stratio BD's achievement not only showcases the robust capabilities of generative AI tools in handling complex data but also highlights the company's innovative approach in enhancing AI's accuracy and utility in the business sector. This advancement promises to reshape how organizations leverage AI for data-driven decisions, paving the way for more efficient and effective business strategies.

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