Today, SOSV, a major player in deep tech investment, launched its largest fund, SOSV V, totaling $306 million. The fund aims to drive progress in startups that are innovating in the areas of human and planetary health.

The newly launched SOSV V fund, totaling $306 million, sets a record as the firm's largest. It targets startups dedicated to advancing decarbonization and re-industrialization, aiming to dramatically scale their impact on human and planetary health.

"SOSV has consistently been the initial financier for many pioneering deep tech entrepreneurs," stated Sean O'Sullivan, the firm’s founding and managing general partner.
He highlighted the support from prominent family offices and corporations, noting that "every $100 million invested by SOSV catalyzes an additional $2 billion in capital for these companies."

SOSV's strategy involves funding startups from the pre-seed stage through various growth phases, averaging 200 investments annually.

The firm runs specialized programs like HAX and IndieBio, which support startups from facilities in major cities including New York, Newark, and San Francisco, graduating about 80 startups each year.

Notably, SOSV's initiatives are validated by the success of firms featured in its Climate Tech 100 and Human Health 100 lists.

Innovators like NotCo, using AI to develop plant-based foods, and Flow Neuroscience, creators of a device to treat depression, are prominently influencing their fields.


In summary, SOSV is enhancing its impact with new facilities in New York and New Jersey, featuring advanced labs and expert teams. By not just funding but actively engaging with deep tech ventures, the firm is at the forefront of solving critical health and climate challenges.

This expansion solidifies SOSV's position as a pivotal force in the global deep tech ecosystem.

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