Today, HumanX, a new forum spearheaded by the founders behind HLTH and Money20/20, announces its inaugural conference and a successful $6 million funding round.

The event is scheduled for March 2025 aiming to unite C-suite leaders and AI professionals to explore cutting-edge AI developments and challenges.

HumanX's debut receives backing from Primary Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, FPV Ventures, and Andreessen Horowitz, these all laying a solid foundation for its mission to simplify AI complexities into actionable insights for organizations.

The upcoming event will act as a key forum for discussing strategic AI applications, deepening understanding among industry leaders, policymakers, and practitioners.

Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn and Co-Founder of, commented on the initiative:

“In an era deeply influenced by AI, it's critical to grasp its implications and harness its potential responsibly. HumanX will provide the thought leadership needed to navigate this complex landscape, aiming to enhance how technology amplifies human capability and innovation.”

HumanX is set to operate as a multifaceted hub for AI practicality, starting with its inaugural event in early 2025. The organization plans to roll out a Data-Driven Advisory Service in collaboration with HarrisX, offering detailed analytics on AI adoption challenges across industries.

Additionally, a focus on AI regulation and policy advocacy will establish a foundation for ethical AI practices through the newly formed HumanX Foundation.

The March 2025 conference at The Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas will be a convergence point for leaders from various sectors, providing rich insights, best practices, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

The platform is designed not only to address current AI trends but also to shape future industry standards through practical, actionable strategies.


In summary, HumanX, founded by Stefan Weitz and Jonathan Weiner, combines their extensive technological and management expertise to tackle AI's complexities. This initiative demonstrates their commitment to making AI more understandable and accessible, empowering organizations worldwide to effectively harness AI.

With growing anticipation, the AI community eagerly awaits this transformative event, poised to significantly influence AI's future in business and society.

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