In a notable advancement for sustainable cryptocurrency mining, Soluna Holdings, through its subsidiary Soluna Computing, has secured an 8.8 MW hosting contract with a premier Bitcoin mining company.

This deal, involving the hosting of S19 and S19 Pros mining rigs at Project Sophie in Kentucky, marks a major step in Soluna's mission to develop eco-friendly data center solutions.

The agreement, which spans one year, is in line with Soluna's strategic plan to enhance profitability while maintaining its commitment to sustainability.

This move demonstrates the company’s ability to balance innovation with the risks associated with cutting-edge technologies in the evolving digital mining sector.

John Belizaire, CEO of Soluna Holdings, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlights the shared vision of leveraging Bitcoin mining to support a low-carbon future

"Our new partner's alignment with our sustainable approach is a testament to the growing demand for environmentally responsible digital currency mining," said Belizaire.

Moreover, preparations are underway at Project Sophie to phase in the customer’s hardware, showcasing Soluna’s readiness to execute this substantial hosting arrangement.

This development is a part of Soluna’s broader effort to transform digital operations for manufacturers and distributors in the face of changing workforce and customer demographics.


Soluna Holdings' new hosting contract represents a vital intersection of cryptocurrency mining and environmental responsibility.

By facilitating Bitcoin mining with a focus on sustainability, Soluna is positioning itself as a leader in the movement towards greener digital currency practices.

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