PhaseZero, a key player in digital commerce solutions, has announced the launch of its enterprise-grade, generative AI (GenAI) capabilities tailored for the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

This innovation in CxCommerce builds on PhaseZero's history of pioneering technology, offering companies a crucial edge in transforming customer, partner, and employee experiences in product sales and support.

The introduction of GenAI by PhaseZero marks a major advancement in the digital operations of manufacturing and distribution sectors worldwide.

Amid rapidly evolving workforce and customer demographics, GenAI is poised to accelerate the transformation required to stay competitive.

Key features of PhaseZero's GenAI capabilities include CxChat, a natural language copilot for product discovery and selection.

This tool uses PhaseZero’s own models along with large language model platforms, making it easier for customers and employees to find products. It does this by using information from customer catalogs and business details.

Additionally, AI-generated marketing descriptions can create detailed, industry-specific product descriptions.

This not only saves time and effort but also enhances SEO ranking and conversion rates, providing a valuable digital marketing tool.

Ian Johnston, Vice-President of Operations & Marketing at Harman Heavy Vehicle Specialists, expressed the benefits of adopting PhaseZero’s GenAI technologies.

“These innovative solutions will not only enhance our customer service but also attract and retain a new generation of tech-savvy employees,” Johnston stated.

PhaseZero's GenAI vision focuses on enhancing everyday efficiency across all stages of the employee, customer, and end-user journey.

By integrating GenAI technology, companies can streamline customer journeys, boost online sales, drive market share growth, enhance customer service, and optimize product and inventory performance.

Moreover, at the heart of PhaseZero’s GenAI capabilities are strong privacy and security protocols. The LLM models are trained exclusively with each client's data, ensuring the generated value is retained and safeguarded for each customer.


PhaseZero's launch of GenAI capabilities in its CxCommerce platform is a game-changer for manufacturers and distributors, enabling them to leverage the latest in AI technology to enhance digital operations and customer experiences.

This strategic move positions PhaseZero and its clients at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital landscape in manufacturing and distribution.

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