Soft Robotics, at the forefront of AI-enabled machine vision and robotic automation, has appointed Mark Chiappetta as its new President and Chief Executive Officer.

With over three decades of experience, Chiappetta has been key player in guiding the company from its startup phase to becoming a notable force in the robotic picking and inspection solutions sector.

Initially starting as the founding CTO and later serving as COO, Chiappetta's journey with Soft Robotics has been marked by major contributions to the company's strategic growth and technological advancements.

His previous roles at BionX Medical Technologies and iRobot Corporation have equip him with a wealth of expertise in driving innovation within the robotics industry.

Furthermore, Carmichael Roberts, Chairman of the Board, shared his optimism about Chiappetta's appointment:

"We are confident that Mark's leadership will launch Soft Robotics into an exciting growth phase. His comprehensive understanding of robotic technology will be key in developing AI-driven solutions that tackle complex industry challenges."

Also, as the newly appointed CEO, Chiappetta is eager to steer company's advancements in machine vision and robotic automation.

He aims to enhance product line, widen global access to its cutting-edge solutions, and cultivate strong industry partnerships.

"I am thrilled about the opportunity to lead Soft Robotics to new heights of commercial success and technological innovation," said Chiappetta. "Our mission is to redefine automation and inspection across various sectors with our advanced machine vision technology."

Notably, the company also expressed its gratitude towards Jeff Beck for his invaluable service as CEO and board member. Under Beck's leadership, Soft Robotics skillfully navigated numerous challenges, laying a robust foundation for future growth.


Finally, with Mark Chiappetta at the lead, Soft Robotics is set to broaden its impact in the robotics field, harnessing AI to innovate automation and inspection processes.

His leadership points a promising new chapter for the company, focused on delivering state-of-the-art machine vision solutions worldwide.

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