Qdrant, renowned for its high-performance, open-source vector database, has successfully raised $28M in Series A funding.

The round, led by Spark Capital, sees participation from existing investors, boosting Qdrant's position in AI and machine learning applications.

Specializing in managing high-dimensional data, Qdrant has become crucial in AI and ML, handling billions of vectors with unmatched efficiency.

Its popularity is evident, surpassing 5 million downloads and being adopted by leading enterprises, including Deloitte and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Recently, Qdrant expanded its cloud offering through partnerships with major platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Focusing privacy and security, the company now offers on-premise and hybrid SaaS solutions, catering to the varied needs of enterprises in a data-sensitive environment.

André Zayarni, CEO and Co-Founder of Qdrant, shared his enthusiasm:

"With the support of Spark Capital and continued backing from Unusual Ventures and 42CAP, we're poised to advance our mission in developing the most efficient and scalable vector database."

Yasmin Razavi of Spark Capital commented on the investment:

"We're excited to support Qdrant as they develop the most advanced vector search database, pivotal for the future where most data will be stored in vector spaces."


Qdrant's latest funding milestone signifies its growing influence in the AI/ML sector. With its high-performance vector database, Qdrant is set to transform the way enterprises approach AI application development, offering innovative solutions for the rising world of vectorized data.

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