Bagel Network, specializing in AI and web3, announces its successful $3.1M pre-seed fundraising. This round, led by CoinFund, also saw contributions from prominent players like Protocol Labs and Borderless Capital, highlighting the growing interest in innovative tech collaborations.

This investment propels Bagel Network's ambitious plan: crafting the largest Machine Learning data network that unites artificial and human intelligence.

Moreover, Bagel's boost in funding is set to enhance its operations and further develop its innovative data ecosystem.

The current data landscape is dominated by major entities, creating a gap for smaller organizations. Bagel Network's solution is a two-sided marketplace. Here, machine learning engineers, researchers, and AI agents can collaboratively create, trade, and license datasets.

Bidhan Roy, Bagel Network’s CEO, is excited about this innovative venture.

"We're building a future where high-quality machine learning data is accessible to all, reshaping the data economy with privacy at its core,” he says.

His rich background, including leading Amazon’s Alexa machine learning team, underpins this vision.

Jake Brukhman from CoinFund also shares the enthusiasm.

"Bagel Network is not just merging AI with web3. It's crafting a new realm of open, decentralized AI innovation. We're thrilled to back such a revolutionary team," he states.

Additionally, the funding is a pivotal moment for Bagel Network. It reaffirms their commitment to evolving their platform amidst the fast-paced technological advancements, aiming to provide a cutting-edge platform tailored to the AI ecosystem's needs.


With its successful funding, Bagel Network is set to redefine the AI data arena. Their unique approach promises not just enhanced AI development but also a new paradigm in data exchange and innovation.

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