Prophet Security announces today an $11 million seed financing round led by Bain Capital Ventures, making its emergence from stealth mode.

This funding supports the launch of Prophet AI for Security Operations, an AI-powered platform designed to automate the triage, investigation, and response to security alerts, slashing response times by tenfold.

The platform addresses a critical industry challenge by streamlining the handling of numerous daily security alerts, which often lead to analyst fatigue and high turnover rates within security teams.

"Traditional response methods are overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of alerts," said Jon Hencinski, VP of Operations at Fixify and former VP of Security Operations at Expel. "Prophet AI for Security Operations automates these processes, freeing analysts to focus on more critical security concerns."

By automating the initial steps of the security response process, Prophet Security’s platform quickly synthesizes alerts, formulates investigation plans, and gathers necessary data from various security tools to assess each alert effectively.

Such process not only speeds up the response time but also enhances the accuracy of threat assessments.

"Prophet Security introduces a groundbreaking approach to managing the growing number of security alerts," stated Kamal Shah, co-founder and CEO of Prophet Security. "Our platform not only accelerates response times but also amplifies the effectiveness of existing security tools, reducing the overall risk for organizations."


In summary, Prophet Security's innovative AI for Security Operations platform elevates the field of cybersecurity operations to new heights. With its ability to automate and enhance the response process, Prophet Security is aiming to transform how organizations handle security threats, ensuring quicker responses and more effective outcomes.

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