In an industry-first, Opera integrates support for 150 local Large Language Models (LLMs) from 50 families into its Opera One browser's developer stream.

This strategic enhancement enables direct access to local AI models, aim to boost the user privacy by keeping data on-device.

The current development introduces users to a range of local AI models, such as Llama from Meta and Gemma from Google, positioning Opera at the forefront of web browsing privacy and innovation.

Furthermore, by storing data locally, Opera empowers users to leverage generative AI capabilities securely, without compromising personal information.

Additionally, Early adopters have the opportunity to engage with this innovative feature through Opera's AI Feature Drops Program, designed to offer a sneak peek at cutting-edge AI functionalities.

Those users who are interested in experimenting with the local models can do so by updating to the latest Opera Developer version and activating the feature, which presents a choice of AI models.

Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers and Gaming at Opera, commented on the latest development.

"Introducing Local LLMs in this way allows Opera to start exploring ways of building experiences and know-how within the fast-emerging local AI space," said Kolondra.

Krystian statement shows Opera's commitment to be a leading browser technologies that prioritize user privacy and experience.


With the integration of local AI models, Opera reaffirms its dedication to privacy and cutting-edge technology.

The update not only enhances user control over personal data but also cements Opera's position as a leader in the evolution of browser technology, prioritizing both security and innovation.

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