Lootex is setting a new benchmark in digital asset trading with the introduction of Smart Accounts to simplify Web3 access and a token swap feature aimed at increasing NFT liquidity.

In partnership with Mantle Network and through initiatives like the Smart Frens project, Lootex is reshaping the NFT marketplace to be more accessible, secure, and engaging for users.

Justine Lu, CEO of Lootex Technology, commented;

"At Lootex, we're breaking down barriers to make the NFT and gaming world more accessible. Our focus is on simplicity and enjoyment, ensuring newcomers can easily join and thrive in this space," Lu states.

This approach let Lootex introduces features like ERC-4337 and ERC-404 standards, enhancing the user experience and fostering a community where everyone can explore, trade, and connect.

Furthermore, the launch of Smart Accounts by Lootex marks a major advancement in Web3 integration. By using the ERC-4337 standard, Smart Accounts simplify the sign-up process to just five seconds, similar to creating an email or social media account.

Additionally, a system that sponsors gas fees makes it easier for both new and seasoned NFT traders to get started.

Lootex's token swap feature meets the increasing demand for liquidity in the NFT market. By supporting ERC-404 and other advanced protocols, it integrates the trading of NFTs and fungible tokens into one smooth, easy-to-use platform.

The "404 Journey" from Lootex, with support from Mantle Network, lets users earn $FRENS tokens by engaging and trading, adding a fun, game-like aspect to trading NFTs. Alongside, the Smart Frens avatar series shows Lootex's commitment to building an active, engaging community for NFT enthusiasts and gamers.

Sean Lee, NFT Growth Lead at Mantle Network, commented.

"This strategic collaboration is set to revolutionize NFT trading, enhancing liquidity and user experience by combining our blockchain technology with Lootex's forward-thinking platform," Lee said.

This partnership makes a collaborative push to lead in NFT trading and blockchain innovation, focusing on making Web3 easily accessible and engaging for everyone.


With the introduction of Smart Accounts and token swaps, Lootex is not only streamlining the process of Web3 and NFT trading but also enhancing the overall digital asset ecosystem.

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