OctaiPipe, an innovator in Edge AI technology, has successfully secured £3.5 million (approx. $4.55 million) in pre-Series A funding and grants.

This financial boost, lead by SuperSeed and supported by Forward Partners, D2, Atlas Ventures, Martlet Capital, Gelecek Etki VC, and Arm-backed Deeptech Labs, is poised to revolutionize Federated Learning technology and scale the reach of OctaiPipe's platform across various critical IoT industries.

The investment will significantly advance OctaiPipe's proprietary Federated Learning technology, enhancing the platform's capability within key sectors like Energy, Utilities, Telecoms, Manufacturing, and connected device OEMs.

What is Federated Learning?

Federated Learning by OctaiPipe, a novel decentralized approach to training AI models, leverages local data on IoT devices, offering a more secure and cost-effective alternative to cloud-based data processing.

OctaiPipe's recent funding round complements the strategic appointment of Arnaud Lagarde as Chief Revenue Officer.

Lagarde's prior role as Vice President of Sales at Humanising Autonomy and his extensive industry experience will be instrumental in drive OctaiPipe's commercial trajectory.

Mads Jensen from SuperSeed, focusing on the impact of on-device Federated Learning in critical sectors, stated:

“Critical Infrastructure is a multi-trillion dollar industry. Across Energy, Utilities and Telecoms - on-device Federated Learning has the potential to improve performance, reduce failures, enhance security and lead to more efficient, more sustainable services. The OctaiPipe team has already demonstrated significant customer traction and we are delighted to support them as they scale to address this important market.”

Dr. Will Cavendish from ARUP highlights the technology's impact on cost reduction, said:

"Federated Learning – including solutions such as OctaiPipe’s – is an AI technology that can help," he noted, underscoring its value in managing complex operational landscapes.

Eric Topham, CEO and Co-founder of OctaiPipe, shared,

"The world depends on Critical Infrastructure not to fail but, more than that, to continually improve performance, remain secure and continually become more efficient and sustainable."

He stressed the significance of secure AI in enhancing critical infrastructure sectors, further solidifying OctaiPipe's role in this trillion-dollar market.


OctaiPipe's recent financial milestone sets a new precedent in the application of AI for Critical Infrastructure.

By focusing on secure, efficient Federated Learning and expanding its operational capacity, OctaiPipe is poised to lead a significant shift towards more sustainable and resilient infrastructure, backed by cutting-edge AI technology.

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