In a landmark move for the insurance industry, TT Forsikring has partnered with Simplifai and Contemi Solutions, deploying AI Automation to revolutionize their operations. This collaboration aims to enhance TT Forsikring's competitive edge in Norway, promising a new era of customer service and operational excellence.

TT Forsikring, an emerging name in the insurance sector, has recently announced its collaboration with Simplifai, a leader in AI Automation, and Contemi Solutions, a provider of cutting-edge financial technology.

This strategic partnership is set to take TT Forsikring into a new phase of efficiency and innovation, directly challenging the larger competitors in the Norwegian insurance market.

The adoption of Simplifai's AI Automation solution by TT Forsikring is designed to upscale its operational effectiveness and customer service, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

According to Terje Danielsen, CEO of TT Forsikring, leveraging the latest AI technology in customer communications is crucial for scaling and maintaining effective customer relations.

"Our collaboration with Simplifai is a testament to our commitment to challenging the larger players in the market," Danielsen said.

The initial phase of the project will see Simplifai’s technology efficiently handle policy cancellations and customer queries, ensuring rapid and precise responses. Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai, comments,

"Our collaboration gives TT Forsikring the necessary tools to effectively compete with larger insurance companies, ensuring faster and more adaptable solutions."

Ted Cederlund, Commercial Director at Contemi, added,

"Working with TT Forsikring, a company that continuously challenges traditional insurance methods, is a pleasure. Their adoption of, our modular insurance platform, places them at the forefront of digital transformation in the industry."


The partnership between Simplifai, Contemi, and TT Forsikring marks a significant step in the insurance sector, demonstrating the critical role of AI in shaping its future. With possibilities for further AI integration across various business aspects, this collaboration signals a new chapter of growth and innovation for TT Forsikring.

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