Liminal introduces a dedicated AI security platform, designed for regulated industries. The latest launch directly addresses the growing need for data security and compliance amidst the rise of generative AI.

As generative AI continues to evolve rapidly, paralleling the transformative effects of the industrial revolution, it brings along unique challenges.

These challenges are especially significant in regulated sectors, where the utmost importance of data security and privacy calls for creative and reliable AI solutions.

In response to recent high-profile data breaches, regulated sectors like finance, healthcare, and government have imposed strict regulations on AI usage.

Also, Surveys conducted by Salesforce and Liminal indicate a notable compliance issue: numerous AI users are bypassing organizational protocols, sharing sensitive data without proper authorization.

Liminal, founded by former Amazon Web Services and FIS executives, responds to this issue with its innovative security platform. It allows regulated industries to safely utilize generative AI across a variety of applications.

The platform assures comprehensive data control in every interaction, whether through direct usage, AI-enabled software integration, or in-house application development.

Steven Walchek, CEO of Liminal, commented on the platform's purpose, said:

"Our goal is to enable organizations to confidently adopt generative AI. Liminal provides a secure environment for IT and security leaders, ensuring data protection across all applications."

Eric Tobias, a Partner at High Alpha, highlights the platform's importance:

"As generative AI evolves rapidly, a secure approach is essential for adoption in regulated sectors. Liminal's solution is key to overcoming adoption barriers in these industries."


Liminal's entry into the AI security market is a critical development for regulated industries. The platform aims to provides a secure means to integrate generative AI, striking a balance between innovative technology and stringent data security and compliance demands.

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