Binance has evolved to be a major player in cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in the present world. Its staking wing, Binance Launchpool, provides a secure means to stake assets on the Binance platform.

One must have a Binance account and a minimum balance to be allowed to participate in Binance Launchpool. It offers various new projects for users to stake their cryptocurrencies. This in turn helps the platform flourish, along with providing users with interesting projects.

Binance is launching the 40th project on Binance Launchpool called Fusionist (ACE). Fusionist (ACE) is a new-age technology that combines high-end gaming with blockchain technology.

Fusionist has quickly expanded its user base to 800,000 members within five months, after successfully launching three NFT series and is currently conducting Beta testing on the video game distribution platform, Steam.

The Fusionist (ACE) project is a blend of the blockchain game, Fusionist and the blockchain token, Endurance. It is a web3 AAA game developed by a few retired gamers.

Fusionist (ACE) seeks to establish a scalable Web3 gaming space with efficient player classification and natural growth. The games will be released on the BNB Chain first, and then they will spread to more base blockchain platforms. 

The key features of Fusionist (ACE)

  • User-Friendly Interface: The User-friendly interface of Fusionist makes it easy to access and understand for either experienced users or new users.
  • Security: The advanced encryptions and authentication put into place in the blockchain network make it almost impossible to bypass. This makes it safe and secure.
  • Interoperable: Assets can be easily moved between blockchain networks making this interconnected ecosystem.
  • Decentralized: since the platform is based on the decentralized principle, it makes the process transparent and gives users a voice.

Endurance, which is the infrastructure layer of the blockchain has multiple layers. It provides users with a platform for gaming, socializing, and earning.

Endurance has made about 100 million transactions since its launch in January 2023. It utilizes technologies like Unity which creates high-end 3D games and HDRP which provides exceptional visuals and immersive gaming experience. 

ACE, the token of Endurance blockchain can be used in Fusionist for the following:

  • In-game expense: Can be used to make in-game purchases, and buy tickets and rewards for winnings.
  • User engagement: It can be used to buy goods in the blockchain system.
  • Staking: ACE token can be used for various purposes of staking.
  • Gas limit: ACE can be used as gas fee for all transactions happening on the gaming blockchain.

Different Layers of Endurance

1. Explorer

An essential layer of the Fusionist ecosystem is the Fusionist Endurance Explorer. It allows users to gain insight and evaluate data on the Endurance blockchain, the decentralized platform supporting the Fusionist game and its corresponding services.

2. API

The most important layer of the Endurance Infrastructure is, API and tooling. Fusionist offers an extensive set of APIs and tools for developers to build applications and games on top of its platform. With the help of these tools, developers can leverage the potential of blockchain technology to produce cutting-edge web3 experiences.

3. Smart Contract

The infrastructure of Fusionist utilizes smart contracts on Endurance and BNB Smart chain to secure automated in-game purchases, winnings, or ownership of certain items.

Smart contracts created with Endurance allow you to build your smart contracts for any use which includes cryptocurrency exchanges, smart contract-based digital applications, and more. The Solidity programming language can be used to create smart contracts in Endurance. It enables a transparent and fair game among users.

4. Scalability

The infrastructure was built in such a manner that it can accommodate the growing user base. The scalability ensures that the game can function seamlessly even when there is high traffic in the future. Inter-blockchain communications allow the blockchain to interact with other blockchains which assists asset transfers and collaborations.

5. Governance Modules

Oracle network within the game connects the game to the real-world data to enhance user experience. 

6. Security

Endurance uses IPFS to store data in a decentralized storage system securely and transparently. 

Fusionist Token Distributions

Breaking down the Token distribution of Fusion (AEC) shows that 27% of the whole token supply goes to the incentive pool which rewards players and develops for contributing to the platform.

Another 22% goes to the investors and 15% to the team for their work on the project. 11.60% goes towards the Eco-Fund develops the platform and supports long term growth. 9% of tokens goes to the treasury or the platform reserve.

Fusionist Funding

Fusionist has received funding of up to 6.6 million US dollars in seed funds up until May 2023. The main investors were Binance Labs which was co-led by Animoca Brands, Eden Block, FTX Ventures, Jump Crypto, Gumi Ventures, HashKey, and Huobi Ventures.

Additional funds were also received when Fusionist participated in the Binance launchpool. Users could stake their BNB in order to earn ACE tokens which in turn helped raise awareness and interest in the project. 

The funds received will be used for:

  • Game development: Further enhancing the Fusionist game and its features.
  • Community building: Expanding the user base and cultivating a growing gaming community.
  • Marketing and promotion: Raising awareness of the project and attracting new users.
  • Technology and infrastructure: Enhancing the scalability and security of the platform.

The funds that have been raised will help Fusionist expand the Endurance Mainnet ecosystem, which was launched in January 2023, and keep up with the rapid pace at which games are developed.

Community Reach

Fusionist has built its community of various platforms like Discord, social media, content creators, and influencers. Users can connect, share feedback, and participate in discussions. This generates excitement and promotes the project and pulls in more new users.

As Fusionist continues to evolve, it has the potential to change how we interact with games and change the gaming industry in the near future.


The Fusionist (ACE) project on Binance Launchpool, a breakthrough integration of gaming and blockchain technology, has rapidly grown to 800,000 users. Through the power of Endurance blockchain, it offers a robust platform featuring in-game transactions, smart contracts, and APIs, ensuring security, interoperability, and scalability.

With backing of major investors including Binance Labs, Fusionist focuses on game development, community building, and technological advancements, with its ACE token central to its operations. This initiative represents a significant step in evolving the Web3 gaming sector, combining decentralized governance and user engagement to potentially revolutionize the gaming industry.

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