ETHGlobal is a community-driven ecosystem based in San Francisco, California, for global Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs building and contributing to Web3. It stands as an inspiration in the global blockchain community, offering a dynamic platform for developers, innovators, and blockchain enthusiasts to showcase their creativity and tackle programming challenges.

Primarily, ETHGlobal is renowned for hosting global hackathons that promote a vibrant network of developers who are eager to push their limits in blockchain programming, specifically Ethereum (open-source).

These hackathons are not just competitions; they are melting pots where people from diverse backgrounds converge to solve significant problems using their technical prowess.

ETHGlobal: India Phase, Also Known As ETHIndia

A prime example of this is the 13 Indian projects that recently showcased impressive technical skills, along with the dedication and perseverance of developers driving innovation in the blockchain industry.

The ETHGlobal Hackathon, held recently in Bangalore, India from 8 to 10 December 2023, provided a platform for these projects to work on ideas that have the potential to revolutionize our interaction with technology.

This event highlighted projects that successfully navigated the intense development process, from initial brainstorming to final execution. These projects not only reflect the current state of blockchain technology but also offer a glimpse into its exciting future.

ETHGlobal Selects 13 Finalist Projects From India

1. 3-Transform

3-Transform is a versatile project that harnesses the power of web3 programming and education. In this realm, applications like smart contracts are tapping into the capabilities of the ChatGPT language model. Engineers here are given the tools to develop real, functioning contracts with just a bit of help from this advanced tech.

2. Bet on Balls

Acknowledging cricket as a beloved sport in the nation, Bet on Balls taps into this fervor. It allows enthusiasts to place bets on cricket matches in a transparent manner. This platform leverages blockchain technology to bring reliability to the often uncertain world of betting. It smartly employs an oracle network, Chainlink, to integrate blockchain with real-world data seamlessly.

3. Pixel Police

Tackling the challenge of digital misinformation, Pixel Police stands as the guardian of image authenticity. It's engineered to detect alterations in pictures, using a device’s unique secret key. Once it spots a manipulation, the proof is sent through rollups – these clever systems handle transactions outside the main Ethereum blockchain, before reporting back to the main network.

4. Graphite

Graphite is the go-to tool for developers looking to dive into SNARK encryption. It understands that creating verification circuits for SNARK can be daunting for many developers. To ease this burden, Graphite steps in with user-friendly tools, making this complex task more approachable and less of a technical headache.

5. PhoenixFi

The Filecoin decentralized storage project has faced criticism for its high hardware and financial demands on nodes. With just over 1,600 storage space node providers in the system, PhoenixFi steps in with a solution. It aims to simplify the process for nodes to join the Filecoin ecosystem by lowering these financial barriers.

PhoenixFi introduces fund lending services and an AI-driven model to predict node reputation, thereby creating a lending platform within the Filecoin ecosystem.

6. ikB

The zkP2M protocol leverages zero-knowledge proof technology to provide decentralized rupee-to-dollar services. This protocol stands out from centralized exchanges, which often require KYC, and from the inadequacies of P2P services. zkP2M not only resolves these issues but also enables users to conduct more complex transactions with smart contracts, thus meeting a broader range of transfer needs.

7. FlockChain

FlockChain brings the power of machine learning to a decentralized network, ensuring data privacy while reducing the costs associated with training AI models. Utilizing a proof of equity approach, this network is designed to function effectively by penalizing nodes exhibiting abnormal behavior, who risk losing their staked tokens.

8. hIVM

hIVM revolutionizes the infrastructure for virtual machines, boosting the adaptability and accessibility of decentralized applications. It addresses key adaptability challenges, paving the way for the broader adoption of decentralized apps. hIVM employs Domain-Specific Languages (DSL) dedicated to intent transactions, allowing developers to focus on coding specifics without getting bogged down by execution details, as the infrastructure is managed automatically.

In response to the growing concerns over link-sharing security, Safe2Link offers a decentralized solution that enhances both security and privacy. This platform is especially relevant in today’s environment where cyber privacy is increasingly threatened, adding an essential layer of security for users sharing links.

10. KhabriChain

KhabriChain introduces a decentralized reporting system that prioritizes privacy from the outset, enabling users to report criminal activities anonymously. Considering that around 75% of people in India reportedly hesitate to inform the police about crimes, KhabriChain offers a discreet alternative for reporting illegal activities, addressing the reluctance often seen in traditional reporting.

11. Masala Wallet

Masala Wallet simplifies the digital wallet experience, focusing on user-friendly features. It enhances wallet usability, particularly in areas like password setup and recovery, thereby bridging the gap between conventional finance and the evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

12. Multilane

Multilane delves into the potential of Ethereum by addressing one of its most significant challenges: scalability. It focuses on enhancing scalability for decentralized applications through innovative solutions, propelling blockchain technology forward.

13. CrypticCloak

With an emphasis on privacy and security, CrypticCloak is dedicated to providing users with enhanced confidentiality in their Ethereum blockchain transactions. In an era where data privacy is increasingly vital, CrypticCloak emerges as a testament to the commitment to safeguarding user information on the blockchain. Visit official site


The ETHGlobal Hackathon's finalists from India goes beyond just demonstrating technological prowess. It represents a celebration of innovation, collaborative spirit, and the expansive possibilities within blockchain technology.

These projects showcase Ethereum's versatility in various domains, including finance, identity management, and content creation. They highlight how Ethereum can not only modernize existing processes but also introduce novel improvements across different sectors."

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