The popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is revolutionizing the remittance sector. Asia is leading this transition due to its enormous remittance opportunities. We know conventional cross-border money transfer options can come with hefty costs, protracted processing periods, and a lack of transparency. 

In this article we will explore seven top crypto remittance platforms streamlining payments in Asia, providing faster, cheaper, and more secure options for individuals and businesses. We will also discover how these innovative platforms are reshaping how money moves, offering speed, security, and cost-effectiveness like never before. 

Whether you're sending money to loved ones or conducting international business transactions, these crypto remittance leaders are leading the way.

Here is the list of the top 7 crypto remittance solution providers in Asia.

1. Ripple

Ripple, a prominent player in the world of crypto remittances, offers a global network called RippleNet that connects financial institutions, banks, and payment service providers. Its native cryptocurrency, XRP, is pivotal in facilitating cross-border transactions.

Key Features

  • Speed: Ripple transactions enable near-instant cross-border payments, essential for remittance services.
  • Security: Ripple's blockchain technology ensures a high level of security and transparency, reducing fraud risk.
  • Efficiency: Ripple's technology streamlines payment processing, resulting in quicker transactions.
  • Global Reach: Ripple's extensive network connects users globally, allowing seamless cross-border transactions across multiple countries.
  • Liquidity: XRP's liquidity and availability on various cryptocurrency exchanges make it accessible to a broad user base, further driving its adoption for remittance services in Asia.

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2. Stellar

Blockchain platform Stellar has advanced significantly in the cryptocurrency remittance sector, especially in Asia. Its crypto token, Lumen ($XLM), is essential to improving the effectiveness of cross-border payments. It also historically seen as one of the best performing altcoins, with a marketcap over $3 billion.

Key Features

  • Cross-Currency Transactions: Because Stellar's technology allows cross-currency transactions, users can send money to nations with various fiat currencies in a highly flexible way.
  • Smart Contracts: It offers smart contract capabilities, allowing for the automation and execution of predefined financial agreements, further enhancing the efficiency of cross-border remittances in the Asian market.
  • Transparency: Stellar's open-source nature ensures transparency and community-driven development, a key factor in its widespread adoption in Asia and its contribution to streamlining cross-border payments.
  • Scalability: Stellar's network can handle a high volume of transactions, ensuring its suitability for the large remittance flows prevalent in the Asian market.

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3. Wirex

Wirex calls itself a Web3 money app, a financial services platform offering a range of services, including trading and money transfers. Its user-friendly approach to international remittance has earned it immense traction among Asians. Wirex users can seamlessly send, receive, and convert various cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies.

Key Features

  • Multi-Currency Wallet: With Wirex's multi-currency wallet, customers may store fiat money and cryptocurrencies in one account, making cross-border transactions easier.
  • Low Transaction Fees: It keeps transaction costs competitive, ensuring users can send money abroad without exorbitant fees.
  • Crypto Conversion: The platform allows real-time cryptocurrency conversion to traditional fiat currencies, enhancing flexibility for users.
  • User-Friendly App: Wirex's mobile app offers an intuitive interface, making it accessible to various users.
  • ATM Access: Users can withdraw cash from ATMs using their Wirex debit card, which is particularly beneficial for travelers.
  • Security: Wirex emphasizes security, implementing advanced measures to protect users' funds and personal information, enhancing trust and reliability in the Asian market.

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4. PayPal Crypto

PayPal, a globally recognized digital payment provider, has entered the crypto remittance arena, offering users new avenues for engaging in cross-border transactions involving cryptocurrencies with its own stablecoin, PYUSD, which is pegged one-to-one to the U.S. dollar.

Key Features

  • Integration with Cryptocurrencies: The array of assets that can be used for remittances is increased by PayPal's ability to purchase, store, and sell cryptocurrencies.
  • International Transfers: With cryptocurrency, users may make and receive cross-border payments easily and quickly.
  • Established Reputation: PayPal's well-established reputation in the fintech industry adds a layer of trust and credibility for users engaging in crypto remittances.
  • Simplified Conversions: PayPal simplifies converting cryptocurrencies into traditional fiat currencies, enabling users to access their funds easily.
  • Integration with Traditional Banking: Users can connect their PayPal accounts to traditional bank accounts, offering a smooth transition between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

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5. Bitpay

BitPay, a popular cryptocurrency payment platform, simplifies cross-border payments in Asia and beyond, aiming to provide individuals and businesses with efficient and secure solutions for cryptocurrency transactions.

Key Features

  • Global Payment Processing: BitPay streamlines the procedure for users, making it a flexible choice for sending and receiving cross-border payments.
  • Prepaid Debit Card: Its users can obtain prepaid debit cards to fill with cryptocurrency and use them for routine purchases and ATM withdrawals.
  • User-Friendly Wallet: Because BitPay offers an easy-to-use wallet, anyone may use it—even those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency.
  • Security Measures: The platform emphasizes security, implementing multiple layers of protection to protect users' transactions and funds.
  • Integration with E-commerce: Due to BitPay's extensive integration with e-commerce platforms, businesses may now accept cryptocurrencies, making online consumer transactions easier.

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6. is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet transforming international money transfers and remittances. Users may easily purchase, store, and send bitcoins with the help of Abra's user-friendly smartphone app.

Key Features

  • Wide Cryptocurrency Support: Abra offers a broad range of supported cryptocurrencies, allowing users to transact with their preferred digital assets.
  • Bank and Crypto Integration: Abra seamlessly connects traditional banking services with cryptocurrency holdings, offering a hybrid financial platform for users.
  • Global Reach: Abra's platform is accessible to users worldwide, providing a solution for international remittances and cross-border payments.
  • Low Transaction Fees: It is also known for its competitive transaction fees, ensuring users can send money abroad without incurring significant costs.

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7., a pioneer in the digital asset space, has established itself as a leading platform for individuals and businesses alike to explore the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. Initially starting as the first Bitcoin blockchain explorer in 2011, it has later evolved into a comprehensive platform offering a range of services including trading, remittance, wallets, etc.

Key Features

  • Multi-Currency Wallet: The multi-currency wallet offered by allows users to store and manage several cryptocurrencies in one location.
  • Investment Options: Users can invest in cryptocurrencies directly through the platform, adding dimension to their financial portfolios.
  • Accessible Across Devices: The platform is accessible through both web and mobile applications, offering flexibility for users to engage in crypto remittances at their convenience.
  • Global Reach: serves users globally, making it a versatile choice for international remittances and cross-border payments in the Asian market.

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The use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is completely changing the Asian remittance market dynamics. In this article, we have hand-picked a few leading cryptocurrency remittance services that are recognized for simplifying international payments and providing several advantages, such as affordability, speed, security, and accessibility to finance.

As the remittance sector develops, rapid currency fluctuations, their associated risks, and regulatory uncertainty will be in the spotlight. As awareness grows and more users adopt these platforms, crypto remittances will likely play an increasingly significant role in the Asian financial landscape.

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