In the dynamic landscape of the cryptocurrency market, entrepreneurs seeking to establish their digital asset exchange often turn to white-label solutions for quick and efficient entry. These solutions provide a cost-effective way to launch a crypto exchange and are equipped with advanced features and security measures. We will explore the seven best white-label crypto exchange solutions in Asia.

In this article, we will explore and analyze how these popular white-label crypto exchange solution enablers are making an impact in Asia and beyond, shaping the future of Web3 and crypto entrepreneurship.

Here is the list of the top 7 crypto remittance solution providers in Asia.

1. PayBito

PayBito revolutionizes crypto exchanges development with its secure and scalable white-label technology. Supporting a wide array of leading cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, PayBito ensures a versatile trading experience. 

Advanced security features such as multi-signature cold wallets, two-factor authentication, and encrypted user access fortify the platform, prioritizing user safety. PayBito is a reliable option for business owners looking to enter the Bitcoin exchange market because of its dedication to security and innovation.

Key Features

  • Multi-Currency Support: PayBito supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, facilitating diverse trading pairs for users.
  • AML and KYC Compliance: The platform prioritizes compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, ensuring a secure and legally compliant environment.
  • High Liquidity: PayBito integrates with top liquidity providers to ensure high liquidity and minimize trading slippage.
  • Advanced Trading Features: Traders on PayBito's white-label exchanges can leverage advanced features like margin trading and futures contracts.

More on PayBito: Visit official site

2. HollaEx

HollaEx pioneers accessibility to the blockchain through its white-label exchange solution. Facilitating a seamless launch of personalized exchange platforms empowers businesses with features like spot trading, futures trading, margin trading, and staking. 

HollaEx is a gateway to a dynamic and diversified trading experience, embodying innovation and versatility for entrepreneurs entering the cryptocurrency exchange arena.

Key Features

  • Open Source: HollaEx's open-source nature allows developers to modify and customize the platform according to their unique requirements.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed for simplicity, making it accessible for novice and experienced traders.
  • Liquidity Pooling: HollaEx facilitates liquidity pooling, allowing exchanges to share liquidity and enhance trading volumes.
  • Token Issuance: Entrepreneurs can leverage HollaEx to issue tokens, fostering innovation within their ecosystems.

More on HollaEx: Visit official site

3. AlphaPoint

AlphaPoint, a key player in the digital asset landscape, provides an institutional-grade software solution for secure and scalable issuance and exchange of digital assets. Empowering cryptocurrency exchanges, AlphaPoint facilitates seamless trading of coins and strategic currency pairings. 

Key Features

  • Scalability: AlphaPoint's white-label solutions are designed for scalability, accommodating the growth of exchanges over time.
  • Comprehensive Security Measures: The platform incorporates comprehensive security protocols, including cold storage and regular security audits.
  • Customization Options: Entrepreneurs can customize their exchanges' user interface and functionality to meet specific requirements.
  • Regulatory Compliance: AlphaPoint assists exchanges in navigating regulatory landscapes, ensuring compliance with regional and global regulations.

More on AlphaPoint: Visit official site

4. B2Broker

B2Broker offers end-to-end solutions encompassing custom exchange development, order matching systems, and seamless interaction with payment gateways. 

With additional features like multi-currency wallets, rigorous security audits, and round-the-clock technical support, B2Broker ensures a comprehensive and secure ecosystem for entrepreneurs venturing into the cryptocurrency exchange landscape. It's a one-stop solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of the crypto market.

Key Features

  • Turnkey Solution: B2Broker provides a turnkey solution, streamlining the process of launching a white-label crypto exchange.
  • Liquidity Aggregation: The platform aggregates liquidity from multiple sources, ensuring competitive spreads and deep order books.
  • Risk Management Tools: B2Broker equips exchanges with robust risk management tools, enhancing security and minimizing potential losses.
  • API Integration: The platform supports API integration, enabling seamless connectivity with external systems and services.

More on B2Broker: Visit official site

5. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz stands as a leader in the cryptocurrency arena, offering businesses a comprehensive solution to launch a new exchange swiftly and affordably, often within a month. 

Businesses can customize the exchange to meet their requirements because of its scalable, secure, and highly adaptable platform. With support for several cryptocurrencies and languages, LeewayHertz ensures user trading in a friendly, global environment.

Key Features

  • Customization: LeewayHertz allows clients to customize their exchange platforms to align with specific branding and functionality requirements.
  • Security Measures: The platform prioritizes security, implementing robust measures such as two-factor authentication and cold storage for digital assets.
  • Liquidity Integration: Seamless integration with liquidity providers ensures a smooth trading experience for users.
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface: LeewayHertz's white-label solution is designed with a responsive and user-friendly mobile interface, promoting accessibility across devices.

More on LeewayHertz: Visit official site

6. Antier Solutions

Antier Solutions, a pioneer in cryptocurrency exchange development, delivers on-demand services focusing on security, scalability, and high performance. Their white-label exchange, crafted on microservices architecture, ensures a robust foundation. 

Boasting features like spot trading, futures trading, margin trading, and staking, Antier Solutions provides a versatile and dynamic platform for Web3 entrepreneurs, aligning with the evolving demands of the cryptocurrency exchange landscape.

Key Features

  • Tokenization Services: Antier Solutions provides tokenization services, enabling exchanges to tokenize assets for trading.
  • Integrated Wallets: The platform includes integrated wallets, offering users a secure and convenient storage solution.
  • Smart Contracts: Antier Solutions increases the exchange's efficiency by automating several tasks using smart contracts.
  • Mobile App Development: The company also offers development services, ensuring a seamless mobile trading experience.

More on Antier Solutions: Visit official site

7. WL Global Solutions

WL Global Solutions is a cryptocurrency exchange powerhouse offering a comprehensive tech platform with 20 pre-built crypto liquidity connectors. Entrepreneurs benefit from seamless integration with major crypto liquidity providers, ensuring optimal trading experiences. 

The platform further enhances user confidence with features like multi-currency wallets, rigorous security audits, and round-the-clock technical support, making WL Global Solutions a reliable choice for those embarking on their cryptocurrency exchange journey.

Key Features

  • Responsive Design: WL Global Solutions ensures that its white-label exchanges are responsive, catering to users across various devices.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: The platform provides round-the-clock customer support, promptly addressing issues or concerns.
  • Integrated KYC/AML: WL Global Solutions integrates robust KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) protocols for compliance.
  • Regular Updates: The company keeps its white-label solutions up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.

More on WL Global Solutions: Visit official site


In the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, the choice of a white-label exchange solution can significantly impact the success of an entrepreneur's venture. These seven solutions provide a range of features and services to meet the specific requirements of prospective cryptocurrency exchange operators in Asia and beyond.

Aforementioned white-label solutions enable business owners to confidently establish their presence and manage the intricacies of the cryptocurrency industry, regardless of their top priorities: scalability, security, or personalization.

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