Amplica Labs has made waves by acquiring Speakeasy's innovative AI platform, aiming to revolutionizing online conversations. This strategic move makes a notable shift in addressing the prevalent toxicity in today's digital discourse.

Braxton Woodham, President at Amplica Labs, commented on the acquisition, highlighting its potential to reshape online dialogue for the better. Woodham states,

"Civil dialogue on the internet is an endangered species. With Speakeasy, we can not only help address the toxicity that defines much of the existing web but also elevate online conversations through the judicious application of AI."

Nicholas Thompson, Co-founder of Speakeasy and CEO of The Atlantic, shares his perspective on the acquisition,

"Today's online conversation is broken, and existing solutions are failing publishers, creators, brands, individuals, and communities, Thompson added"

The acquisition of Speakeasy's technology enhances Amplica Labs' capabilities to address online discourse challenges. Speakeasy's AI-driven curation and moderation act as effective tools against the toxicity and negativity in digital conversations.

Speakeasy, developed under the leadership of Thompson and Raffi Krikorian, Chief Technology Officer at Emerson Collective, has already demonstrated its potential during beta testing. Krikorian envisions the impact of this acquisition, stating,

"The integration of our technologies with Amplica Labs marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of online communication."


In summary, the acquisition of Speakeasy by Amplica Labs transforms how we address online discourse. As digital citizens continue to face challenges in online engagement, integrating AI technology provides a pathway to more meaningful, productive, and inclusive conversations.

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