AI Squared has announces a $13.8 million Series A funding round, led by Ansa Capital with support from Latimer Ventures and NEA, aiming to expand AI integration in organizational workflows. This investment push the company's mission to streamline AI deployment within business applications.

Today's investment of $13.8 million in Series A funding enables AI Squared to enhance its capabilities for embedding AI seamlessly into everyday business processes.

With new board members including Allan Jean-Baptiste of Ansa Capital and Roger W. Ferguson Jr., former Federal Reserve Vice Chairman, the company is aimed to enhance its platform capabilities significantly.

The recent flow of funds will enable AI Squared to grow its team and refine its platform, which facilitates the integration of AI insights into business tools, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

Benjamin Harvey, Ph.D., founder and CEO of AI Squared, brings extensive expertise from his tenure at the National Security Agency and Databricks, aiming to bridge the gap between AI potential and practical implementation.

AI Squared's technology reduces the time required to integrate AI from months to minutes, drastically lowering the costs and barriers associated with deploying AI models.

"Deploying a single model often requires over 10 tools," Harvey explained. "Our solution simplifies this process, enhancing ROI by making it easier for businesses to adopt AI."

Allan Jean-Baptiste commented on the rapid advancement of AI capabilities and the need for organizations to keep pace.

"Enterprises risk falling behind without streamlined AI adoption. AI Squared addresses this by reducing the complexity of implementing AI," Jean-Baptiste stated.


As AI Squared continues to innovate, its impact is felt across various sectors, including finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. The company also fosters inclusivity within the AI field through initiatives like the AI Squared Innovation Lab and internships for underserved communities.

This approach not only pushes the boundaries of AI technology but also ensures its positive impact reaches a wider audience, solidifying AI Squared's position as a pioneer in democratizing AI for all businesses.

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