In response to the growing adoption of AI across industries, Akto introduces a pioneering GenAI Security Testing solution, positioning itself as first mover platform dedicated to safeguarding GenAI models, including ChatGPT and other Language Learning Models (LLMs).

This initiative demonstrates Akto's dedication to enhancing API security as AI integration becomes increasingly widespread.

"Akto's launch of this innovative security testing solution is a critical development for application security, especially as AI becomes central to our digital ecosystem," remarked Jim Manico, a respected figure in secure coding education and former OWASP Global Board member.

The rise of GenAI models indicates an urgent need for robust security frameworks to protect sensitive data processed by LLM APIs.

Akto's solution addresses this need by offering comprehensive testing for vulnerabilities, including prompt injection risks and denial of service (DoS) threats, which have become more prevalent as AI applications grow.

Ankush Jain, CTO at Akto, commented on the solution's capability to automate security testing at scale,

"Our tests are designed to uncover weaknesses that could lead to serious security breaches, ensuring developers can encode inputs safely and protect against attacks," Jain explains.

Additionally, with over 60 custom-designed test cases, Akto's latest platform offers an unparalleled level of scrutiny for GenAI vulnerabilities, ensuring a more secure deployment of AI technologies.

Also, the importance of such security measures noticed in recent incidents, such as the outage of OpenAI's ChatGPT due to a vulnerability, demonstrating the potential risks associated with GenAI models.

Akto's solution aims to mitigate these risks, providing organizations with the tools to secure their AI applications against evolving threats.


Finally, Akto's release of its GenAI Security Testing solution introduces a crucial update in API and AI security, presenting a proactive measure for managing the specific hurdles that come with GenAI models.

This new offering in the market shows the company's effort to advance API security and support a more secure digital landscape for AI-driven applications.

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