WorkJam, a provider of digital workplace solutions, announces its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace at NRF: Retail’s Big Show. This move enables enterprises to harness AI-powered tools to efficiently manage and engage their frontline staff.

WorkJam's integration with Google Cloud Marketplace empowers enterprise retailers to leverage their cloud credits for purchasing WorkJam’s super app. The app stands out for its AI-powered analytics, aiding in the intricate management of frontline workforce data. This technology is pivotal in enhancing customer experiences and bolstering business growth.

Will Eadie, CRO of WorkJam, emphasized the synergy:

"Our presence on Google Cloud Marketplace aligns with our goal to equip businesses with robust tools for managing their frontline staff using AI-driven solutions."

Google Cloud's Managing Director, Dai Vu, echoed this sentiment:

"WorkJam's app on our marketplace connects the workforce to our advanced cloud infrastructure, highlighting the power of AI in workforce management."

WorkJam's app is unique in its modular approach, enabling enterprises to adapt to evolving needs seamlessly. This flexibility, combined with AI analytics, transforms how enterprises orchestrate their frontline workforces, placing essential tools directly into employees' hands.

In 2023, WorkJam's impact was recognized as it was named to the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list, a testament to its significant influence in enhancing workforce management globally.

The app's AI-powered features, such as advanced scheduling tools, task management, and communication platforms, are designed to revolutionize the interaction between headquarters and frontline workers. With support for over 45 languages and inline translations, WorkJam fosters an inclusive work environment, breaking down language barriers.


The launch of WorkJam’s app on Google Cloud Marketplace is a strategic step in advancing AI in the digital workplace. It offers enterprises a scalable, AI-driven solution to orchestrate their workforce more effectively, improving productivity and customer engagement.

This collaboration between WorkJam and Google Cloud signifies a new era in utilizing AI for workforce management and enterprise efficiency.

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