Today, PacketFabric, notable in the Network as a Service (NaaS) arena and part of Digital Alpha Advisors's portfolio, announced the appointment of Wes Jensen as their new Chief Technology Officer.

Jensen, recognized for his pioneering work at Digital Realty and in the fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency, is set to drive PacketFabric's technology strategy forward.

The selection of Wes Jensen as the new CTO represents a pivotal development for PacketFabric. With a background rich in spearheading advancements at Digital Realty and establishing multiple tech startups, Jensen's extensive expertise is poised to be a major asset for the company.

His gets over two decades in designing and implementing comprehensive technology solutions across various industries.

Vincent English, PacketFabric's CEO, highlighted Jensen's invaluable role in the company's growth.

"Wes is a visionary in technology, having designed networks for major players in finance, social media, and cloud services. His leadership and innovative approach will be pivotal as we expand our enterprise offerings," English said.

Jensen's profound background includes leadership positions at Level 3 Communications, Global Cloud Xchange, EarthLink, and XO Communications, along with service in U.S. Army Special Operations.

His diverse experience positions him to lead PacketFabric's technology initiatives effectively.

In response to his new role, Jensen expressed excitement about contributing to PacketFabric's future.

"Network connectivity is critical in our digital age, especially with the emergence of AI, machine learning, and Web3. I'm looking forward to driving PacketFabric's technological evolution to support these advancing fields," Jensen stated.


Wes Jensen's arrival as CTO is a strategic addition for PacketFabric, reflecting its commitment to staying at the forefront of NaaS innovation. His expertise is expected to catalyze the company's growth, enhancing its position in the dynamic technology landscape.

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